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Sacred Heart

20x30 Pastel

The “Sacred Heart” is a  Catholic devotion.  The traditional image is of a heart on fire, pierced and surrounded by a crown of thorns.  It is a symbol of Jesus’ divine love for humanity. As most Catholic families, we had the image of the Sacred Heart in our home and I remember praying in front of it when I was a kid.  I chose to use this image as my first blog post because hearts have been a reoccurring theme in my work for many years.  This was one of the first hearts I painted.  I included the heart, the fire, the thorns, and added deeper symbolism as I meditated on the meaning of the Sacred Heart. The blue area represents baptism–a  redemptive cleansing where you die to self, submerging in the water as a symbol of the grave, and rise again as a new creature in Christ.  As in most of my work, there is the underlying theme of light overcoming darkness.  Let me know what you think!